When Should You Replace Your Hot Tub Water


When you finally get a hot tub, you must drain and refill your hot tub water regularly as its part of the maintenance procedures. That’s because the water in the hot tub absorbs chemicals, minerals, and other materials. However, you first have to get yourself a hot tub. So, go deal with that right now.

The accumulation of these can cause the water to lose its life and clarity. The water may also start to foam and the chemicals, less effective due to the amount of workload that’s been placed on it.

This guide talks about how to know that it’s time to change the water in your hot tub:

Replacing your Hot Tub Water: What You Should Know

1. Smelly Water

If you’ve always taken care of your hot tub yet the water in it can’t seem to stop smelling, it’s an indication that something has gone wrong with it. The main reason why the water could be smelly is that if poor circulation, caused by a clogged drain, pump, or filter. When you notice that this problem can’t seem to go away, consulting a qualified hot tub water repair is what you should do next.

2. Algae

One thing that encourages the growth of algae in moist areas is sunlight. This means that if you have your hot tub outside without a cover, you should get ready to experience the occurrence of green algae.

As soon as you begin to notice its constant appearance, it means that the water in your hot tub is due for a change.

3. Murky Water

This refers to when your hot tub water has turned foamy or cloudy. When this happens, ensure that you don’t use your hot tub until you’ve been able to treat the water in it. To maintain good health, your hot tub water should always remain clean and clear, regardless of the state of your hot tub.

Water care chemicals or products should be used to treat your hot tub water. If after everything, your hot tub water doesn’t want to clear, it could mean that you should offer extra attention to the spa. Drain the water, clean the spa, and rinse your filter thoroughly.

4. Mold

Mold is a type of fungi that may appear in black patches on your hot tub walls. They also appear as white slime, floating on the water. This can cause a serious problem once it starts to appear. So, go get rid of it, drain the water and use a hot tub cleaner to wipe the walls.

5. Jet Pressure Issues

Ensure to check if the Jets in your hot tub has a buildup of calcium or debris. In case this is the problem, you can do a deep cleanse as this may do the required trick. Also, change the filter or deeply rinse it once it’s due for a change.

Final Thoughts

To enjoy your hot tub better, you must take care of it as well as you can. This will also ensure that you get to use the hot tub for a long time.


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