What’s the Average Durability Period of Pressure Washers


The life expectancy of your average pressure washer is between 5-10 years.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. If you’re looking for a high-quality product that can last you for a long time, it is best that you invest in the best pressure washer brands. Some of the top 3 options are found to be Simpson Cleaning, Generac, and Karcher.

If you care for your pressure washer properly, it can last much longer than the average durability period. Maintaining your machine is just as important as finding the best model on the market.

There are a few factors that can influence how long your pressure washer will last. These include:

  • The quality of your pressure washer will determine how long it will last.
  • If you want a long-lasting pressure washer, with a good warranty, then you should buy a name brand like Karcher or Generac.
  • Using cheap gas might shorten the life expectancy of your pressure washer.
  • It’s also important to use ethanol free gas if you live in an area where there are problems with ethanol-infused gas.
  • You should always use a fuel stabilizer to remove water from gas and keep it from corroding the inside of your engine.
  • You should change the oil in your engine regularly to prevent it from seizing up. You should also protect the engine from dust and rain when not in use.

However, the durability period also depends on the immediate type of pressure washer. There are two types of pressure washers:

Gas and electric. The former is generally more durable than the other.

The average lifespan of gas pressure washer is about 5-7 years. They can last even longer if you perform proper maintenance. Electric pressure washers have a lifespan of 3-5 years.

What Features Do Pressure Washer Warranties Cover?

The warranty is an important aspect of your pressure washer purchase. It protects you against defects and damage to the product, and it also helps you avoid paying for costly repairs. Some warranties are more extensive than others, though, so it’s important to know what features they cover before you make a final purchase.

What Is Covered?

The most basic warranties will cover damage or defects directly related to the manufacturing process. If your pressure washer stops working or develops a leak due to a defect in the materials used or in the construction of the machine, your warranty will usually cover those issues.

Some warranties may also cover damage that occurs during normal use of the product, though they might require that you bring your pressure washer in for repairs rather than pay for them yourself. These extended warranties are great if you are unsure about how to fix a broken pressure washer on your own, but they can be expensive if you have to pay for them up front.

Where Can You Get Your Pressure Washer Repaired?

Many warranties require that you bring your pressure washer into an authorized repair center for service. These centers are usually found in major metropolitan areas and can be hard to get to if you live out in the country.

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