The Beginner Guide to Using an Electric Pressure Washer


If you are new to pressure washing machines, the best thing you can do is to learn about the machines’ basics before you begin using them. These machines are of two different types; one type uses electricity, and the other uses gas as the source of power. When it comes to electric pressure washer machines, getting the right choice allows you to get the best results. So, what should a beginner know about this electric-oriented pressure washer?

What to know about an electric pressure washer as a beginner

Everybody knows that reading the user manual’s instructions is important, but there’s more to that. Let us look at some key things worth considering as you get an electric pressure washer.

Don’t just give it a try

It will help if you try out the machine first before engaging it fully on where you want to clean. The surface you are trying it on should be strong enough to hold the pressure. However, instead of trying blindly, check the manual and know the pressure recommended for each surface. It is good to be sure of the objects you can and those you can’t wash with a pressure washer. The pressure exerted can be very high, removing paint from some surfaces like your car. You should thus avoid using high pressure on such surfaces.

Protect yourself

It is good to protect yourself well when using the machine to avoid injuries. For instance, you should wear proper shoes and clothes during the cleaning job. Use gloves for your hands and protective gear for your eyes and ears. For a start, be cautious when using high-pressure nozzles like zero degrees or 15 degrees. They have very high pressure, and you should be careful as a first-time user.

Know what to do

As a beginner, it is important to learn the correct operating procedures to avoid issues with the machine. Start with knowing the best way to operate the machine beginning with setting the parameters and whether you should or shouldn’t use a detergent. Here’s more to do: turn on the water first before the machine, attach the hose to the inlet valve and then plug it into the power source.

Be cautious with pressure

It is advisable to choose the low pressure, to begin with, and increase it as you continue cleaning your surfaces. Depending on the surface you are cleaning, you may use cold water or hot water detergents. Use hot water on surfaces with grease or stubborn dirt.

Learn the color codes

Different colors represent different uses of the electric pressure washer. Understanding them will help you make the right choice. The blue nozzle tips are for cleaning delicate surfaces. You can use them for car windshields, windows, and boats. The red nozzles clean heavy-duty surfaces, and the yellow ones are for medium surfaces. If you want to use the machine for a light-duty like cleaning cars, go for the green nozzle.


Buying an electric pressure washer is a significant milestone. However, knowing how to get started with it is a game-changer. It’s good for you, your property, and the machine. Browse our store for a variety of pressure washers to choose from.


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