Perfect Pressure washer guide


Realizing what the most significant phrases mean and how to evaluate them is the initial step in picking a pressure washer. Then you’ll be able to figure out which pressure washer grade is best for you. So, pressure washers by help you in selecting a perfect pressure washer for easy cleaning.

Pressure Washer Measuring Units:

Before selecting suitable pressure washers, one might consider the important differences between measuring power units of the washer. Because it will greatly impact the types of projects a machine will be capable of cleaning properly. Following are the units used to measure pressure washers.

Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI)

The water measurement unit for power is PSI i.e., pound per square inch. The PSI rating indicates the amount of pressure required to remove the mark. The more power you need to eliminate a chemical connection, the better it is.

Gallons Per Minute (GPM)

For measuring the flow of water in a pressure washer, GPM means Gallons Per Minute unit is used. The more contact area a pressure washer can cleanse in a minute, the stronger the GPM. If a pressure washer named A has a GPM rating of 2 and another pressure washer named B has a GPM rating of 4, then B pressure washer will clean twice as fast as A pressure washer due to its capabilities.

Cleaning Units

Cleaning Units, commonly known as cleaning speed, are the ultimate test of a pressure washer. The cleaning units are measured by multiplying the PSI with GPM (PSI x GPM = CU). Suppose you have two water streams having the same amount of pressure and the first stream contains twice as much water as the second stream then simultaneously, it will clean twice as fast as the second one.

Types of Pressure Washers:

A pressure washer, when used appropriately, is a quick and effective way to tackle some of the toughest cleaning jobs around the outdoor living space. Following are some types of pressure washers by for perfect and suitable washers that help in cleaning tasks and benefit a lot.

Light Duty:

These pressure washers typically have a maximum pressure of 1899 PSI and a flow rate of 1/2 to 2 GPM, making them ideal for little work around the house. These machines are perfect for cleaning furniture pieces, barbecues, and automobiles because they are smaller and lighter in weight.

Medium Duty:

Medium-duty pressure washers have a pressure range of 1900 to 2788 PSI and a flow rate of 1 to 3 GPM. These stronger, more efficient devices are ideal for cleaning everything. Those things may include external paneling and fencing to terraces and porches at residence and in the business.

Heavy Duty and Commercial:

Commercial and heavy-duty pressure washers start at 2800 PSI and deliver 2 GPM or more. Pressure washers for industrial use start at 3100 PSI and have GPM rates of up to 4. Many large-scale cleanup operations, such as clearing sidewalks and pathways, washing homes, removing paint, and scraping enamel, are made simple by this sturdy equipment.


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