Hands-Free Magnetic Phone Stands


Whether you’re hanging around the house or commuting to work, it’s nice to have a place to put your smartphone. The Ugreen magnetic car mount can do that for you, thanks to its powerful magnets and non-slip coating. It secures onto metal surfaces inside your car with ease; place it on the dashboard so you can see your phone’s GPS, or mount it on the windshield near eye level so you don’t have to crane your neck when calling or texting. Either way, this desk phone holder will help keep your smartphone within easy reach whether you’re driving or waiting in line at a store!

There have, however, been different myths about magnetic phone stands. So, if you too are unsure about the magnetic phone stands, read on for more info on the same.

Ugreen’s Magnetic Phone Stands

Ugreen is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality products at affordable prices, and their magnetic phone stands are no exception.

These stands are made with premium aluminum alloy, rubber, and magnets, which make them durable and long-lasting. The stand comes with a 360-degree rotation design, so you can easily adjust the angle of your phone to whatever position you prefer.

The best thing about this product is that it comes in many colors and designs. You can choose from the variety of colors available to suit your taste. The magnetic phone stands come in two different sizes: large and small. They also come with a couple of features that make them unique such as being made of aluminum alloy material which makes them lightweight and durable at the same time!

The Ugreen Magnetic phone stand is made with a unique design that provides a secure grip and reliable support for smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

This is an ideal accessory for the home or office, where you want to be able to use your device hands-free.

The first thing that needs to be considered when making a magnetic phone stand is what material should be used. It should be strong enough to hold up everything you put on it as well as being durable enough not to bend or break under pressure. The most common material used in these types of products is metal and plastic. Metal is stronger than plastic but more expensive, while plastic is less expensive but not as strong.

To avoid problems when making these types of products, they must be tested by various people to see if they can withstand everyday use such as dropping from high places or having heavy objects placed on them without being damaged or breaking down easily.

Magnetic Phone Stand Effect on Phone Batteries

Many phone users are often fond of asking about whether the magnetic stand can tamper with a phone’s batteries. So, in a real sense, it’s not the magnets themselves that are harmful to your battery, but rather the magnetic fields that they create. These fields can mess up the electronics inside your phone, which could lower its lifespan or damage it in other ways.

The good news is that these effects are very small and unlikely to cause any serious issues with your phone. In fact, you’re more likely to damage your phone by dropping it than by using a magnetized stand!


The new and improved phone stands from Ugreen are definitely welcome additions to the everyday carry of anyone who uses their phones as their go-to device. Their convenient, hands-free capabilities are helpful in a variety of situations, whether you’re multitasking at home, working outside, or on the go. In addition to using them with your phone, they can be used with other small devices, ranging from tablets to GPS units. Place your order today with Ugreen cellphone care products, and enjoy their discounted prices and many more benefits.


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