Electric Car Jack: Are They Worth The Hype?


No matter how much of a DIY person you are, we can all agree that changing a car’s tire can be a tedious job. More often than not, a tire change is needed when you least expect it. It’s quite surprising that an electric or automated car jack has not been invented earlier.

Imagine getting stranded in the middle of nowhere and having to wait for assistance. Tough guy or not, an electric car jack makes the thought and the practical process a whole lot easier. It can also be used for other vehicle types that were otherwise off-limits.

Advantages of an electric car jack

To better understand the importance and benefit of an electric car jack, let’s examine some of its advantages.

Reduces service time

Working with a manual car jack involves a lot of steps. This takes up a lot of time. It’s what makes the process tedious. With an electric car jack, you save more than half the time it takes to lift the car.

Protects the car’s hull

Using a manual jack causes dents, abrasions, and scratches as you try to fix and find a suitable spot to lift the car. Electric car jacks do not cause any damage to the hull of the car.

Easy to use

People who cannot change their tires or use a manual car jack, often say it’s because they don’t know how to properly use the equipment. An electric car jack takes the pressure off as it doesn’t need any expert-level skills to know how to operate it.

How to choose an electric car jack

When buying an electric car jack, you want to buy one that meets all your needs. The best way to buy the best electric car jack is to ensure they meet the factors discussed below.

Car’s weight

The first thing you’ll have to find out is the weight of your car. That way you can get the ideal electric car jack that’s sufficient to lift it. Although an electric car jack has tremendous weightlifting abilities, it’s best to choose the one suited for the car. Electric car jack usually have support of between 1 to 3 tons.


Electric car jacks are more expensive than manual jacks for obvious reasons. They come in different price ranges based on the support capacity and designs. Since car jacks are an important piece of equipment in a car, it’s advisable to invest in one that won’t fail you when you need it the most.

Additionally accessories

Some electric car jacks come with accessories like a wrench. A battery clamp is sometimes included to help connect the car jack to the battery if there’s no option to connect it to the car’s 12V cigarette lighter.


There are several brands offering these electric car jacks. You should stick with a brand that has a reputation for making quality car jacks.


An electric car jack is a worthy investment for anyone who owns a car. It makes it easy to change tires and comes in handy in different situations. Be sure to choose an electric car jack from a reputable brand, one that meets your specific needs, and most importantly, within your budget.


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