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Technology is expensive, and so are accessories for it. Every time you go to the store, it feels like you’re spending too much money on cables and chargers. You don’t know which one to buy, and all the different options are overwhelming, not to mention unreliable.

It’s time to say goodbye to cable trouble. CAKEYCN cables are fragile, lightweight, and easy to roll up for a tidy and organized look. Plus, with its new innovative technology, CAKEYCN will remember your plug preferences and automatically charge your devices when necessary. Get your desired cables now from www.cakeycn.com and stop cable chaos from happening!

Low-Cost Cables

CAKEYCN cables are the low-cost alternative for those who need wires for their audio and video gear. Made from the same materials as the OEM cable without the heavy price tag, CAKEYCN brings you quality at an affordable price.

CAKEYCN provides outstanding OEM/ODM service for worldwide cable manufacturers. By continuously innovating, CAKEYCN currently has the complete product lines ranging from data cables to power cables, from audio/video cables to CCTV series, etc.

More Durable Cables

Our goal is to deliver cable products that work flawlessly, are more durable, and are built to meet the requirements of an ever-changing market. We aim to extend beyond just cables by creating long-term business relationships with our customers.

CAKEYCN provides you the durable and reliable cable products. In addition to producing a variety of products, including Ethernet cables, HDMI cables, phone cords, and many more, we also offer custom cable manufacturing specifically tailored to your needs.

Multiple Types Of Cables

CAKEYCN cable products include HDMI, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, FireWire, SCSI, SAS, and other interface products with guarantees to offer customers the best price and highest quality available in today’s marketplace. Our specialties include custom design and length cables.

The main products of the CAKEYCN website are computer cables, networking cables, and electrical accessories. They use professional technical equipment to ensure product quality and trustworthy service.

Quality Checked Cables

The cables are tested before shipping, and we will try our best to make every detail perfect, so enjoy your shopping experience!

CAKEYCN has one main goal: to give their customers a superior shopping experience. How are they achieving this? By providing excellent service and great quality with every product they sell. Through extensive product research, uncompromising production quality, and outstanding innovative product designs, we do this.

CAT Series Ethernet Cables Wide Range

We have a wide range of CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A & CAT7 Ethernet network patch cables available in different colors, lengths, and styles. Each networking patch leads from CAKEYCN is manufactured using copper wires to ensure quality and performance.

These network patch leads are available with snag-less connections and are often used as Patch Leads for Switch wall plates, Patch Panels, Patch Bays, and Servers.

CAKEYCN CAT6 Ethernet cables are 24K gold-plated contacts and oxygen-free, environmentally friendly, high-quality PVC material, anti 99% EMI/RFI interference. It’s corrosion-resistant and fit for use in the long term. Longer Lasting Life.


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