5 Things to Consider About Raw Cambodian Hair


Have you heard about Cambodian hair yet? If not then no problem, we are here to let you know about new products and technologies introduced in the world. Human hair extensions are in great demand but sometimes it becomes difficult for us to select which hair extensions we should select for ourselves.

You have a great facility to select a human hair extension from countries like India, Burma, and Cambodia. Hair extensions coming from these countries are very reliable and are made of synthetic fiber. In today’s article, we are going to discuss raw cambodian hair and the things that you must keep in mind while buying Cambodian hair.

All you want to know about Raw Cambodian Hair

The hair collected from hair donors of Cambodia is said to be Cambodian hair. There are three basic categories of these hairs that are very straight, wavy, and curly. They are available in short as well as long-form and the texture of hair directly depends upon its donor.

The main fact about Cambodian hair is that they are naturally gorgeous and are lightly weighted as well. If you compare these hairs with others, you will be amazed to know that they are more durable and last longer than others. Moreover, you can easily style this hair just like natural ones and can shampoo, cut, and wash them also.

Things to Consider about Cambodian Hair

Given are a few basic things that you must have to consider before buying Cambodian hair for you:


The first thing that you must have to consider about Cambodian hair is there smell. Although all the raw hair extensions have their clean natural smell as they belong to a human just like you. You have to examine that the hairs don’t have a machine-made synthetic smell like other hair extensions available on the market.


The next most important thing about Cambodian hair is its texture. These hairs are well known because of their softness and quality. Moreover, these hairs can be blended with every hair type and their hands are preferred by women a lot. They also require very less time for brushing and don’t tangle much like other extensions.


The next thing that means a lot while buying hair extensions is their color. Usually, these hairs always have a natural color like a milder shade of black. But sometimes, you will also see Cambodian hair in a softer shade of black that is named color 2.

Healthy Cuticles

As mentioned above, Cambodian hair is collected from donors, and hence there is very less chance that they will be chemically treated. Moreover, there is less chance of tangling or matting as these hairs are naturally aligned in the same direction.

Gray Hairs

Cambodian women always prefer to keep their hair strong and healthy through special treatment. These treatments never involve any kind of chemical products moreover a good diet also keeps their hair beautiful. But still, you should examine that the hair doesn’t have grey hair.

Ending Thoughts

If you are deciding to buy a hair extension but are confused about which one you should buy, the above article can help you. We have discussed Cambodian hair and the things that you must have to consider while choosing a hair extension for you.


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